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: Cincinnati, OH, United States

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I'd love to find a LTR. I am looking for friends, my future partner, and occasionally can't avoid the desire to hook up. Most of the times that I have fucked someone, it has been bareback which I prefer. I would prefer safe sex for hookups and the early stages of a relationship. I am a top. I am laid back in life. When it comes to sex, it depends on my partner. If I know what he wants and is open to do, I can be passionate, dom, a mixture, or anything in between. I love sex but want more. A ltr within reason would be acceptable to me. If you are going to ask me for money so that we can meet, don't bother me because I won't give money to anyone. I have driven long distance to meet my first bf as often as I could. If you are interested in being friends, a bf, or a hookup prior to finding a bf, message me and I'll consider it. I do want more than an anonymous hookup. Message me and let me know what your interests are. If you are over 45(unless you are still hot), a top, or want money, you should find someone else. I may reply but am just being nice. Eventually, I will end things so don't be offended. If you aren't interested, good luck, I understand that I may not be your type. Happy hunting men.

My off days except for one are planned for the year. Except for Cincinnati pride, I'm open to where I go.

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