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: Palm Springs, CA, United States

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A kiss is the road to the soul....Big fan of passion.

I am more about the connection than the finale. If the chemistry is right, sleeping together is great .... I hope you have nice sheet .... I may not have morals, but I do have standard

I've never been incarcerated, institutionalized, been in a 12 step program....or filed bankrupcy. Not impressive by some standards, but I'm from LA.....where shallow has new depth.

no one ever said .... Thank God I worried...

The 2 safest things to say....You're right.....I think so too.

If they know the speed of light, what is the speed of darkness.

If I float in the pool....while getting tan......and space out...
I'm multi-tasking...

When your heart breaks in a million pieces...... it heals in ten
million hold more love in the future.

Drama long as I get my way

Not offended by men who try to buy my friendship.

Romance is the frosting on life!

The first kiss in the morning.....when you both taste of tooth paste......that's romantic.

PS: I'm rich and have a big dick - just kidding - I'm not rich.

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