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I'm a slim, straight seeming, dirty minded submissive boy that is looking for good friends in older guys. I'm mostly an indoor body but I'm more than fine being outside. I'm a technology buff, but I'm all for a good book. I'm into more masculine guys; hair, muscles, physically bigger than me (which is most people) and dominant men. If you want to talk kink, let me know, my list is long and rough ;)

As a sub, there is a lot I want to learn and I'm hoping for good people to help me learn them.

I'm looking for friends. I've already got a great man . But I'd like to have more people to laugh with and turn to for advice. It isn't hard to get on my good list, just show me you're human (a joke, a story, a hello). Just start with a greeting and you've got a good start.

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