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Daddy, 36 years old


: Chicago, IL, United States

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"Into" and "Looking for"...

Sub Bttms step to the Front !

I'm 5'10" 185 and muscular enough, I dig OPPOSITES, so thats Younger/Thin/Skinny type guys (WITHOUT BEARDS!)18-30.

* I CANNOT WAIT until this beard fad has run its course and over

* Socially: I like hanging out, have drinks, etc..

* Sexually: VERY orally-inclined Top.... I also have NOTHING against a lil cuddle time :)

* No Tolerance for Fucked Up *Race* issues

I should NOT have to say this, but.. if you're that insecure, or have to be "asked" for a Face pic...don't bother, I'm already irritated

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