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: Canton

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Somewhat hairy otter type looking for a man that likes: ethnic foods, getting out of the house, seeing a movie, a good nude beach, a long shower together, to laugh at things and oneself, a cat [got one], learning, PBS, sensible conversation, passion, friends, a good game of Monopoly, snuggling on the couch or in the bed, clean air (non-smoking), going to the gym, cooking at home, going out to eat, running around the house naked, gardening [but NOT 4:20], a decent glass of wine [but not drunkenness], good music and a good live concert [but not rap], good kissing, ability to hold hands in public, knowing what fake news is and isn't, likes hair on men- I'm hairy, doesn't shave off body hair, working on cars, working on houses, and 3 Muskateer Bars. Actually this is a waste of time as no men ever meet up from this site.

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