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: Salem, OR, United States

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: Open Relationship
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I just moved to Oregon from California. I'm looking for compatible buddies on many levels, spiritual and mental, as well as physical. I'm in a long-term relationship that has always been very open. I'm a very masculine, but gentle, introverted, spiritual eclectic who is very much out of the mainstream. Mystic, non-dual religion/spirituality is my primary focus. Philosophy, astrology, the Enneagram, gardening, architecture, carpentry, hiking/outdoors, track running, physical fitness, current events, and local and world politics are some of my hobbies. I'm not very social, and need lots of time alone, but also need deep relationship that explores the limits of consciousness and being. I'm very loving, smart, tactile, easy going, quite serious, but also very playful, with a ready smile and good sense of humor. I'm quite attracted to masculine, gentle guys for possible nsa play, or others for a deeper, intimate friendship/relationship.

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