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Changes in life are a constant reminder that we are still learning and growing as a person. To learn and grow, you have to keep an open mind even to things you may not agree with. If you don't make the changes that are needed as the years go by, it shows that you are not growing and lacking true wisdom. I like to have fun and be in the moment, but I also live from the past and into the future learning from my past experiences. I also keep aware of what's going on around me and the world and constantly making connections that most people don't see. For that I am writing a book on greed based on the connections I have made about what is going on in today's world. In the book I take on organized religion, drug companies, big money corporations, politicians and governments by showing people how they are all connected through greed. If you want to know more about it, ask me.
Like I said before, I do like to live for the moment and love adventure of many types.. I have been ready for a serious relationship for awhile now, but it is so hard to find some that will take me serious and want the same thing.
I am open minded, sincere, honest and adventurous. I am looking for the same, though all of our interests don't have to be the same, just our goals would have to be similar. I love the country life and farm living. I am looking to live on a bigger one to be self sustaining, but not one that is too much to handle on my own.
My taste in music and interests vary and I try to live organically(food and health).
Although I am looking for something serious, I am open to sex with those I am attracted to; not saying you have to be a model or gym rat, for surely I'm not one. I don't understand why people want to limit themselves to one type; like must be muscular. I know when I'm attracted to someone and it doesn't fall into just one type, be it body type, race, age or class. Too me closed minded people are ignorant and need to grow up. I just ask that you be honest and open and health conscious(don't have to be a gym rat for that). I have no tolerance for lies or head games.
I am versatile and looking for someone that is anywhere between vers/top to total bottom. A total top is fine for FWB, but not as my lover. Sorry guys, I like my variety. Role play is fun and love to explore new things. FWB is fine, but I'm looking for one that leads to something more serious for a life time. I plan on being around for a really long time and would like that one special person to be there with me.
If any of this interests you and want to know more and see what happens, contact me and lets see.

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