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dad bod / normcore / androphile / uranian / aesthete / flaneur
incel (involuntary celibate but hey whatcha gonna do?) thank you for the monkey--and the plywood violin.

- Rise early
- Wash in cold water
- Climb trees
- Grow a beard
Walt Whitman, Manly Health & Training


don't drink. don't club. no longer workout at max's twice a week (no one does: it closed down) or go down to queen's surf to swim every sunday (ditto--for all intents and purposes--that scene closed down too). little remains of a once vibrant gay beach and beach culture. oh, and just to be clear, no hookups. looking to date only. never thought those words would issue from my mouth/fingertips. but there you are. cycling, classical music, literature (phd in j-lit): these are things i like. this shit is hard: how to make it sound interesting, engaging, fun, and not an old anti-social hermit. porn-enhanced masturbation: that is how i get by.

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