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High character limits are Good for me! ;) I put all this stuff into my profile because I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW IT, so if you contact me, be sure you've read it all because I will assume that you have done so! If you ask any questions that are answered in my profile, I will take it as a sign of disrespect to me and thus be unfriendly to you from the get-go. You Have Been Warned.

I'm a "gym geek" living in Aurora, Illinois, the westernmost of the west suburbs of Chicago, working at the UPS hub in Addison (another west suburb, but well east of my home- my daily commute is about 23 miles each way). I work Monday-Friday, overnight, which is a consistent schedule but one which often makes scheduling dates difficult- when most guys are getting home from work, I'm gearing up to go TO it.

I work out at an XSport gym in Downers Grove, yet a third west suburb of Chicago (which happens to be between Addison and Aurora if you follow the major streets around here). I signed up for this gym specifically because it's open 24 hours, and happens to be almost precisely on the path I take to get home from work every night- which means that even on the rare nights when I'm NOT planning to go to the gym after work, I drive past it anyway. Usually, I don't drive past; I go work out after work- which means 5 workouts in a typical week. It's a decent enough way to stay healthy, and happily it pays dividends in strength and looks as well.

My main athletic activity, aside from the gym, is obstacle racing- I did the Spartan Race Midwest/Illinois in 2012 and fell in love with the sport despite the near-freezing temps that day on the wet, muddy course. These races are like dungeons & dragons adventures in the real world! So I did the Warrior Dash Illinois 2013, the Spartan Race Illinois 2013, and the Chicago Super Spartan 2014, and would have done the Warrior Dash Illinois 2014 if I hadn't signed up too late to get a good start time (ideally, one wants to get an EARLY start time so the course is less churned-up and muddy). In 2015 I didn't make that mistake, and got a nice early spot for Warrior Dash Illinois 2015 in June, Chicago Super Spartan 2015 in August, and Greater Chicago Battlefrog in September. Subsequently I did the Chicago Super Spartan 2016, and then in July 2017 my first Savage Race (Chicago Savage Race, specifically).

Sexually I'm all about body contact, and that means I really only get turned on by athletic/muscular types of guys. Don't take this as shallow, because it isn't; it's plain old up-front honesty (with myself and others). I like what I like, it's not gonna change (I tried that in high school with a girlfriend, and it didn't work out). I have plenty of friends (gay and otherwise) that I'm not sexually attracted to, but if your intention is dating and/or sex, you need to be fit/athletic/muscular or it's not gonna happen. I'm pretty vanilla in my tastes; I don't like pain at all and prefer long, sensual sessions over quickies. Oral is foreplay to me; I don't get off on it- I need actual fucking (or to JO myself) for that.

As should already be obvious, I have a large vocabulary and tend to use it often- yes, I'm this wordy in real life conversations too! It's a consequence of my extreme attention to details and desire for precise communication- I used to be in IT (Information Technology), and have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, but I lost that job in the job crash of the early Bush years and went unemployed for two years before finally getting a job at UPS because (A) they actually were willing to hire me and (B) they offered medical insurance to everybody, even their part-time workers, and I desperately wanted to get that back. The job was unlike anything I'd had before, but I managed to stick it out through the toughest part- the first two months (most people who quit from UPS quit during the first two months, usually because their bodies just can't take it anymore- it's a HARD job until you get used to it). Later I got promoted, and now work as a part-time data supervisor at my hub.

The "geek" part in my label for myself above comes in not just from my old profession as a web programmer, but also from my choice of hobbies. I'm very widely read, and have a library of something like 2000 books at home- I've actually read most of them cover to cover, but I've never actually counted how many I have; the 2000 is just a guess. I'm deeply into fantasy, sci-fi, and otherwise "weird" literature such as the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Anton Wilson; my taste in movies and TV shows runs along similar lines as you will see from my collection of VHS tapes and DVDs if you're ever in my apartment. That being said, I do tend to prefer a light mood, so I'm also deeply into comedy and tend to watch comedies more than any other type of movie or show.

I have an eidetic memory, so I also tend to spout quotes from favorite movies or TV shows whenever they seem relevant to whatever's going on around me. I don't carry an iPod with me or have a large music collection on my phone, because I don't need it- I can just "play back" my favorite stuff when I feel the need to, in my head. That's a nice talent to have, but it can be a curse too- just picture what earworms do to me (especially when it's a song I hate)!

My geekdom also includes an interest in games- I'm into video games, board games, role-playing games, card games, and in fact just about every kind of game except "mind games" with dating/relationships (I prefer constant, even ruthless honesty at all times) and gambling (I've never even been to the casino in downtown Aurora, which is only about five miles from my home). So yes, that offhand reference to dungeons & dragons in my blurb about obstacle racing was neither offhand nor accidental.

Yes, Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows, why do you ask? And of course, the fact that I'm used to endurance events outdoors combines with my gaming interest to make Pokemon Go one of my favorite activities today. You can often find me out Raiding in downtown local suburbs (usually Naperville or Aurora) on weekends.

All right! If you read through that and didn't get scared off or too bored, then hopefully I can seduce you with my personal charm. ;-) Let's make a date! Contact me!

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