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: Seattle, WA, United States

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Hung Seattle Daddy Bear in a long-term open relationship, and legally MARRIED in the State of Washington on 4/3/13 - our 20th Anniversary!.
The sex disappeared a few years ago between us but we're very much in love and committed to each other.
Looking for release with randy, hung guys that can satisfy my oral needs, with an emphasis on 69. Muscle-dudes jump to the front of the line! If you like to get naked with other men, ask me about The OLYMPIANS.

Just unlocked all my pics, since I'm on a basic account, and felt it only fair that I shouldn't have any private pics hidden from the other basic dudes.....
If you're gonna send me pics, please don't send a cheeks spread, butthole shot. Those turn me off.
Here's a link to a portion of one of the vids I did for Pantheon Men/Hot Older Male:

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