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Recently retired, so time for an update.

Good relationships start with good friendships, so if your very first question is whether I'm looking for a relationship, then the answer is no. Friendships first, relationships maybe later. And guys whose very first question is "will you marry me?" are just weird.

Amateur classical musician. I play piano and also play in a local orchestra (bassoon). Also interested in early music (medieval and renaissance).

Other hobbies: reading, watching movies and tv (lots of Syfy, lots of History), reading, playing music, keeping up with current events (including reading lots of foreign newspapers), eating out, cooking, traveling, oh, and did I mention reading...

Looking for a guy who can teach me something new. Just be real. I HATE pretentiousness.

I see lots of chest hair in the mirror every morning, so I'm attracted to smooth guys (usually young, but not necessarily). I work out when I have the time and the inclination.
I enjoy the physical contact of cuddling, kissing and holding a man I'm attracted to and care for all night. I'm vers, bud don't do pain, scat, WS or fetishes. Having said that - hook ups are good. coffee is good. dating is good. No expectations here.

I speak German, Norwegian, along with a little French and Russian, so I'm always up for practicing my fluency. A friend here is helping me with Czech and Dutch.

Don't go out much. Don't drink anymore. Never smoked. No drugs. Pretty boring, I guess.

I don't keep acquaintances around for very long if I don't hear from them regularly. And just because I look at your profile doesn't mean I want to marry you.

And lastly, life lessons I try to remember...
1. Don't make a priority out of someone to whom you're only an afterthought....
2. If a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit, it usually means he doesn't give a shit...
3. Constant criticism doesn't make you discerning, only annoying...

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