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A little about what I'm into,
I like a lot of things, first off being able to wear lingerie for a man is such a big part of what arouses me that it doesn't even register as a kink in my head anymore. Toys are also a big part of my sex life and I couldn't do without them.
I'm only attracted to guys in their 50's or older and when I'm with a man I enjoy being submissive and very trainable, (I like being told how to dress, walk, sound by the man I'm with) I really enjoy being dominated in a gentle paternal kind of way, not into the kind of dominant that says "your my bitch and I'm in control!" (Although that same sentence whispered in my ear during sex as pillow talk by a Dom who has taken the time to build up trust could be really arousing).
I love creativity in a lover and am open to suggestions. I'm a total bottom. I prefer to be treated sweetly at first (like I'm a girl) but I also love VERY kinky role-play, and I love to feel like I'm being seduced/convinced into it ;)
I don't like to tell a potential lover all the things I'm into right off the bat, I can get really submissive and have fun with that, but I if I tell a guy everything right of the bat he tends to get too aggressive. I like lovers that I see more than once or just a couple of times, and my goal is to find a lover who I can get comfortable enough to really open up with and explore all my kinks.

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