Hunter, 25 years old


: Los Angeles

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Colombian/Mexican Mix
Educated. Active. Dorky. Big Heart. Very cultural. Science nerd :b

Instagram @chachaloser
snapchat kevdog_33

I am into older and mature mainly because they tend to know what you want in life and I envy awesome experiences. I learn a lot from older partners; they have tend to be the ones where I grow the most and have mutual respect and trust with. I love men with ambition and find them remarkable. I do have a thing for men that have their own business and are creative with it. I am not into random hookups; I actually like developing relationships. Besides, Fucking is not a recreational sport for me. I'm not about to give one of the most prized things about me to someone who could care less of me. I typically like earning what I get, and expect the same vice versa.

I enjoy being super active and traveling. I do love the outdoors and love to be out and about usually if able (hence why I love soCal). Dogs will always quickly win my heart. Music is always playing in my head. Huge dance lover (Colombian upbringing). And Kissing is my favorite (have always been told one of their bests ;)

I am usually described as thoughtful and adorable. So I guarantee you'll be smiling around me. Am social and outgoing, but will have my hermit moments when I'm studying or researching.

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