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: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Life threw a curve ball early in my years leaving me with responsibilities that I did not choose. Finally, after all these years, I am totally free to live the life that I want. To do whatever it is that I enjoy, to do it with whomever I wish, and to be wherever it is that I want to be. If it means having men over or for me starting over in a new location. I'm ready. That said, find friends, a soul mate and live or relocate any where in the world for the right man and opportunity. I have lots to offer and share. Would LOVE to host men from others countries and cultures, and find others willing to invite and host me to theirs. I enjoy the mountains to the beaches. I love the serenity of the country, yet thrill at the pulse of a city. I love foreign languages, cultures, architecture and history, and I am widely traveled to 29 countries. I hope one day to live abroad. And, no... never married, I was gay at birth.

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