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This website made me choose between describing myself as a "Daddy" or as a "Mister". I am pretty daddyish, but am fairly flexible about age...although generally I prefer guys over 30. I'm daddyish both in appearance and demeanor: naturally big pretty muscular frame and beefy....and typically 30 lbs. bigger by Super Bowl than I am during the summer. Bald/shaved head, salt and pepper beard and hairy body.

I'm looking for guys with similar interests for dating, and if I find the right guy, I'm very open to a long term relationship. I chose my screen name because I really want to know more guys in the LA area that share my enjoyment of outdoor activity: skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting. I also do a lot of gardening here in LA. When I'm indoors, I like cooking, eating, watching movies and I'm a pretty big NFL fan, so ideally I would date someone that doesn't hate football.

In terms of physical attraction, I tend toward Mediterranean, Latino or Middle Eastern men, (not set in stone). I'm generally attracted to men that are smaller than I am, shorter and slimmer or leaner (also not set in stone) with a calm personality. I definitely seek a bottom, and submissive is really hot to me, both in sex and in a relationship, but I'm not into the fetish aspect with the wild costumes and extreme sex acts. I really like natural and masculine looking guys with minimal ornamentation: simple short hair, little or no jewelry or tats, simple regular guy clothes. Facial and body hair are a plus, but not required.

This profile is not seeking one night stands....haven't done that since the 90s (no judgments about those that have them). I'm negative and have practiced safe sex since 1984. I try to emphasize the positive but there are a few things that probably won't work for me in a date: guys in relationships, drugs, smoking, and very picky that order.

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