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After years of soul searching I think I am finally realizing what I like. While I consider myself bi still, I do find women attractive, I absolutely love an older strong dominant dad type. Extra points if he enjoys cigars!

I have had some experiences over the years with guys my age and some younger but nothing really ever clicked for me. Then a few years ago I meet a guy on here that was older than myself. We got together a few times and he absolutely drove me wild with his big chest, his strong build and the way he really took control... and he loved cigars. That was a thing I did not know I loved until we hung out and I can still to this day remember the smell and the sound as he inhaled deeply on those things.

So if you are an older dom dad type that loves his cigars (not necessary though) send me a message. I would love to find another guy like that with whom I could totally let go and just be myself and experience things with. I am shy at first but once I get going I like to think I am worth it.

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