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Don't let the verbiage below fool you. I am all of those things and more. However, I know what site I am on. Versatile with preference to be top, looking for Mr Right , but until then "Right Now!" will do. I am masculine, moderately hairy, average, cut, and into anything that's legal without pain, excrement or blood. HIV Status is negative. If you're here to hookup no judgment--hit me up. If you're looking for more--hit me up. Shout-Outs are great and are usually my first signal that I'm interested in you. Its just me "testing the waters." Not interested, no prob, block or say so. It's easy. If I am not interested I will tell you right away by saying so. Easy? I am more a "MISTER" than a "Daddy" type-- but will consider younger or older. If you're opening line includes anything about Jersey Shore or Lipitor or both-- we're probably not going to hit it off.

The long version is below.

I'm not a celebrity. I am a man who seeks the company of another. First to share an exchange of words, then perhaps a drink, perhaps dinner and if all goes well a lifetime.
I have enjoyed successes and endured failure as we all have in life, love and career. Candor, kindness, and compassion are all words that describe me. I'm not off the cover of GQ or off the cover of Dog Fancy magazines. My pictures are recent, my look changes with the seasons, and I am not a slave to fashion. I am most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, however I own a tux, and a suit and am ready for most any occasion.
If laughter is something you seek, as a retired comedian, I hope to keep you laughing. I am tender, vulnerable, sweet, honest and kind to those I truly care about. I'm not competitive, nor jealous. I enjoy open communication and expect the same.
My friends would describe me as funny, generous, and thoughtful, brash, shy and interesting. Their assessment is valid. It is not uncommon for me to surprise someone with flowers, or something they mentioned (perhaps not a Porsche) in casual conversation for an occasion or just because. It is not uncommon for me to want to enjoy the company of one or many depending on my mood.
My home is a reflection of my work and me. My work does not define me nor control my life. We're all busy. I try to be courteous and kind at all times and I'm a believer in accountability. If I am nothing more I am accountable for my actions.
I seek the company of a man who understands that this is a process, the speed of which is only determined by the two parties involved. I'm not seeking overnight marriage or instant love, but I won't rule it out if it showed up at my door. I tend to be physically attracted to masculine men. Straight-acting are not words to describe a gay man if you're acting straight you're not gay. I'm gay, I'm out and you should be too. I like confidence, and kindness, thoughtfulness. If you like to laugh, if you like to be touched both physically and emotionally, turned on by wit and thoughtfulness then I truly wish to know you.

It takes making that first step--making contact. Whether it is a love-connection or not-- depends solely on interacting. I have everything I need-- not everything I want. Life would be that much more interesting if I had the ability to share it with someone else.

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