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There are two things that keep gay men from relationship: no chemistry and chemistry. Chemistry doesn't always happen immediately and if it does, doesn't necessarily mean it will be sustaining. There is no perfect time or way to end a relationship or to begin one. Life happens. Oh, and "Versatile" is the new bottom... at least in the bay area.. Me thinks it's in the water...

Daddy Hunt is not Craig's list. I met my last partner here and several good fuck buddies. I read profiles. I like a man who can write and express himself. Fuck the DH app!

Playful, sensual & passionate (Italian/Spanish), yogi, writer, dance critic, cyclist, culture vulture, meditator, someone who cares about what i eat, complex and simple, serious & funny. love to joke, natural aesthetic, have had many lives. piggish without the party, handsome to some, invisible to others... Water snake in Chinese, sexually creative, hand holder,..Did i say, good kisser?! more a frisky bottom than top, who flips on occasion, and has a thing for butts, go figure... Have been known to get hard saying, 'Yes, Sir!' Looking for sustaining connection...

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