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Passion, Integrity, Strength – And you had better be the same. I love my job and am committed to my professional life. I am a bit jaded when it comes to love and I do miss companionship and touching skin (and being touched). I don’t need a partner to be complete however I would like to give it another try.

I am ok with the term “Daddy” but I prefer “Sir”. That said I want a real partner not someone into a “scene”. Games are for fun, life is for living and sharing.

I will not respond to profiles with no pictures nor with naked pics. Sex comes after dating not before it and if a relationship happens, it is after time not the first date.

You must be single. I have a type by I am not limited by it or even to it. Younger (35 to 48 – give or take a little), minimal body hair gets you points as does blond hair and blue eyes, and I am not limited to any of that.

No drama, no high maintenance boys, know who you are and what you want, I will not ask for anything I am not willing to give, have a life – a job/career, no freeloaders, no closets.

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