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Hi there,

I'm a positive-minded, dynamic and down-to-earth youngman in search for a nice and rather serious encounter :)

I work as a flight attendant and I love my job! Not only do I get to discover a lot of places on this planet, also I get to know a lot of people. Travelling is definitely one of my greatest passions, so it's great to combine my job and my passion. Besides exploring the world in my free time, I like to cook (I'm kinda obligated to do so, due to a lot of allergies I have), to watch movies and go to the theather or opera.
I'm a fervent swimmer (especially in the ocean, rivers and lakes) and I love my ocasionnal run outside. Whenever I am in creative mood, I paint, draw or take landscape pictures with my camera.

I'm a very happy person and I would like to share that with someone who has the same attitude as myself. Someone who accepts me and where I can be completely myself with, who gets the best out of me and vice versa.
For me, mutual respect, trust and honesty are of the utmost importance.
Furthermore I value a man who knows where he stands for and who has accomplished something in his life (both carreerwise and personalitywise). If you don't think your life is meaningful, I hardly doubt it that we would get along. I don't want you to be rich, but proud and powerful in your own strength.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I might not always be able to answer you right away, but I'll do my best to do it ASAP. However, do have something properly to say, include a decent picture if you don't have one in your profile. Guys who only are searching for meaningless sexdates, please move on.

Thanks for visiting my profile and may your day be filled with love and joy! :)

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