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: Denver, CO, United States

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I am the nice guy who chooses not to finish last. I've invested time and focus on work and career and now I want to focus on finding that someone. I enjoy the experience of a date over endless talks online. Gropes are flattering but I'd rather you offered a few rambling words about who you are, what you like to do for fun and what's ahead for you then having you
worry if you're leaving the perfect message. Perfect is in unachievable and boring.

I enjoy the energy and company of younger men to men about my age.
I am looking for someone who can join me and understand how to:
Live with intention
Walk to the edge
Listen hard
Practice wellness
Play with abandon
Choose with no regret
Continue to learn
Appreciate your friends
Do what you love
And I enjoy the quirky routine that comes from dating and being in a relationship. I want one of my own so I am not interested in being the third wheel in an existing or open relationship. No judgment, that's just not for me.
If you can relate to this in real time or as a goal, then I would welcome the chance to talk to you, meet you, and spend some time with you.

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